In the beginning there was light, sound and there man dwelled in the everlasting voids of random transactions between the energy of nature. This energy was translated during the evolution process of man kind. The sounds were translated into music, the wind into power and as man started harnessing the nature.

Initially the environment had plenty to provide and the Man was happy to live within what he had around him. As time passed by, the growth of mankind gave rise to settlements, then the small villages, kingdoms and Civilizations. Every individual and the people around had started transaction on the commercial front with what was called the barter system. Definitions of Work and Employment took shape into returns of income and the need of a transaction unit came into picture.

Civilizations grew into countries and Bartering was replaced with Transaction unit defining Money. The products of sophistication, comfort, creativity, and ideas made true; have brought immense competition and similar products in the world. This era is now the era of service oriented transaction. Service is the key transaction to the customer delight. Marketing has now understood the essence of customer delight as to provide service to the customer.

The companies that have understood this have and will attain their objectives in this era. Every individual in his endeavor to satisfy and fulfill their needs are limited by the resources of transaction. We have identified the right choice for every individual and have reached to the definition of our objective. "To utilize the available resources at all levels of Economy and find methods to maximize the levels of satisfaction of members."

The opportunity cost, the unlimited wants, and the limited income give scarcity of choice and their transaction decisions are based only the budget and the personal preferences. The choice we have and our focus on a combination of resources along with the quantity of each resource to be able to produce a given level of output using our LOYALTY transaction is brought into our system optimizing the same using methods to maximize the satisfaction of each of our member .