About us

ADVAIT TRADE and CONSULTANCY Pvt Ltd is a leading provider of end-to-end IT services and BPO solutions for Global 2000 companies. With a strong focus on corporate values and culture, ATRAC and its global workforce are committed to long-term strategic partnerships that create value 'beyond the contract' for our clients. Our client-focused delivery model includes verticals such as retail, healthcare, facility management, supply chain, security, health care, media, entertainment, retail and distribution, and transportation and logistics.

The company began its operations with Consultancy was established in 2004. Its main function is to provide the target community with consulting services such as expert advice, system analysis, feasibility studies, simulation, and customized training program. The unit is fully supported by the staff of the department whose areas of specialization and industrial experience cover the main branches of computer science and engineering, application software, computer graphics, multimedia applications, Internet and WWW applications, along with computer security and protection. Its focus on innovative technologies like RFID, SMART CARD, GPS, DIGITAL SIGNAGE and BIOMETRICS form a cutting edge on the turnkey solution making.

Online search pages for specific business listings, phone numbers, addresses, local directions, maps and more form its services in addition and add value to its services. With the focus on observation, research and development as the key factor to create, develop prototypes on the concept and then propose the solution with innovative technology forms the key feature for the customer confidence. Innovative concepts in the solution architecture bring the delight to all the components of the organizational solution provided.

The organization is Lead by the visionary and the team behind it makes the solutions possible with the customer satisfaction. The organizations visionary is Mr. Sunil.K.R qualified with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Malnad College of Engineering under Mysore University . He began with a humble beginning with designing in electronics for serial port expander. He has worked with Ranbaxy laboratories Ltd in its diagnostic division on automated and semi automated machines. He worked with CMRDA Pvt Ltd on design tools of ASIC and FPGA design and verification tools and PCB tools for PCB design along with EMC/ EMI verifications. Today Under his guidance runs a software development and consulting team working on application solutions in the areas of Logistics, Retail, Healthcare, and more. The immense domain experience from consulting in logistics from small vehicle to established Network of Railways, stores to warehouses to international supply chain, Diagnostics to treatments and International Medical tourism, oil and gas and acquired skills translated to the software solutions form value addition to the organization.

Our Technology Initiative:Advait Trade and Consultancy Pvt Ltd is an initiative to meet the growing demands of the innovation in technnology in automatic identification and data capture solutions.